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CMMS for Manufacturers in Limerick, Ireland

CMMS for Manufacturers in Limerick, Ireland


Some of the world's top Manufacturers have selected PEMAC for maintenance management, including PPG, Celotex, Sharp Interpak, Aga and Kingspan.

The reasons they switch typically include:

• Better Forecasting of Spare Parts and Labour Needs - forecasting tends to be complex and frequently inaccurate, involving the use of spreadsheets or paper.

• Decreased Equipment Downtime - when equipment is down, overall product output is reduced and wastage increases, negatively affecting the entire company.

• Improved Reporting – developing a maintenance strategy and making key decisions is difficult without real-time access to data such as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Asset Availability and Work Completion rates.

• Managing Multiple Sites - the creation and management of maintenance requests from multiple sites is difficult to track and manage, with poor visibility and traceability, leading to increased costs.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Our CMMS solution, PEMAC Assets, addresses them all.

For more information, email or call us on 01 466 3888.