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Revolutionize your software and technology options

Revolutionize your software and technology options

Mindseed Limited

Are you ready to revolutionize your software and technology operations? Mindseed we understand the dynamic landscape of the tech industry and are here to empower your company with cutting-edge solutions and strategic consultancy services. We specialize in identifying how technology using space assets can be integrated into your product roadmap, with everything from GPS to Satellite communications to Satellite data integration.
Why Choose Mindseed?
1. Specialized Expertise: Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience in the software and technology domain. We've successfully navigated industry challenges, and we're ready to guide your company to new heights. Over the last 12 years, approximately 25% of all newcomers to the space industry in Ireland have been “onboarded by use”
2. Tailored Solutions: Every tech company is unique, and we recognize the importance of customized strategies. Our consultancy services are tailored to address your specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach to your success.
3. Innovation at the Core: We can assist you in staying ahead of the curve with our forward-thinking approach. We're committed to keeping you abreast of the latest technological advancements, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of innovation.
4. Proven Track Record: Our success stories speak for themselves. We specialize in helping you roadmap your technology to avail of non-equity technology development funding available through the European Space Agency, EUSPA and EU
Our Comprehensive Consultancy Services Include:
• Strategic Planning and Roadmapping
• Technology Assessment and Optimization
• Product Development through non-equity finding
• Market feasibility studies
Ready to Take the Leap?
Let's embark on a transformative journey together. Whether you're a startup looking to establish a solid foundation or an established player seeking to revitalize your approach, Mindseed can be your trusted partner for success.
Don't let the future of your tech endeavours be a mystery. Email us today at to schedule a consultation and discover how our consultancy services can propel your software and technology company to unparalleled success.

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