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Welcome to Irish Trade Federation Tendering section


Our Tendering section is split into two parts, the “E-Buyer Service”, the “Network Plus Facility” and the Public Tenders”..


The E-Buyer service is a procurement tool that enables ANY member or visitor on the NiFed platform to send out a “Tender Request” for goods or services they wish to procure.  Whether you are considering a new distribution company, leasing a new van or constructing your new factory, our E-Buyer service provides a fast, hassle free way to obtain quotes or further information from multiple suppliers at the click of a button.


The Network+ service is in essence a service which is the complete opposite  to our Tendering facility whereby instead of sending a Tender Request out to a targeted group potential suppliers you wish to obtain a quote from, you are sending out an offer or introduction from your Company to a targeted group of potential customers in the hope that new business relationships can be established and trade increased.


The Public Tenders service is a compliation of the current Public Sector Tenders available from the various public bodies throughout both Northern Ireland & Ireland.  No longer do you need to visit different platforms to view the various tenders as NiFed has done the hard work for you.  

E-Buyer Service

Network+ Service

Public Sector Tenders

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